Weeknote #4-Stepping up Service Design

This is my first week note since Christmas, I‘ve been back at work for 2 weeks but things have been quite hectic. I worked the week up to Christmas and a little over the holiday period and it was fairly quiet, almost the calm before the storm as things soon picked up where they left off, with a little bit of home teaching thrown into the mix! (not to mention noticing water seeping through my ceiling whilst in the middle of a meeting!)

Working over a relatively quiet period for me meant that I could catch up with messages, time to reflect and take stock of where we are and were we want to be in terms of our design offering and things have already started to gather pace, I’ve mentioned before about our design patterns and our service assessments, our design pattern work will begin in February and our service assessments are just waiting for final sign-off. I’m really looking forward to rolling out service assessments as I believe it will help us keep up our high standards for designing services around our users.

Next week I will having another discussion with Cornwall around Service Design which i’m really looking forward to and hope it will round off a potentially good week next week. I also start uni again after a Christmas break which I think I’m going to find tough at first getting back in to, I’ve enjoyed having my weekend mornings to myself but at the same time have really enjoyed the learning last year so hopefully just a case of easing back in to it.

Finally, on the Harry Potter film count, I have now watched 5 of the films not necessarily in the right order and I didn’t even realise Dumbledor (excuse the spelling!) was a different actor in the third film onwards!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Service Design and Digital Adoption Manager Building Service design at Dorset Council